This beautiful property goes on sale with a plus for investors who want a property that starts generating profits from day 1 since it has been on rental platforms with “Superhost” for 5 years and with an average of 75% annual occupancy.

Average $84-90 per night.

The house is located on a beautiful street, surrounded by remodeled colonial houses just one and a half blocks from Santiago Park and five from Santa Lucía Park.

This property was restored in 2016 and is currently undergoing a new update in paint and other details.

Eclectically decorated and with quality furniture and fully furnished “Turnkey” type, ready to occupy immediately.

The colonial façade has a wide front almost 12 meters wide, a nice lobby, living room, dining room and kitchen, 2 bedrooms, swimming pool, terrace, laundry center and roof top.

Amenities and services:

-Original pasta decorated floors.
-Original carpentry
-Ceiling height 4.7 m
-Reinforced roof
-Washing center

-3 air of 1.8 and one of 3 tons
-6 fans
-3 water tanks, 2 of 1100 l and one of 660 l
-Dining room and kitchen
-2 bedrooms
1 with tub and full bathroom
-The second bedroom with an outside bathroom.
-Antique cedar doors
-Ionic columns
-Pool 2.2x 1.80m
-Mosquito nets
-Old doors 1920
-Roofs with railway sleepers.
-Quality furniture
-Tableware and service for 6 people
-Antique cedar wardrobes and headboard.
*The truck is not included in the furniture.

- Land: 158.28 m2
- Construction: 133.22 m2

- SALE PRICE: 5,500,000 MXN

Indoor amenities

  • true  Electricity  true
  • true  City Water  true
  • true  Internet  true
  • true  Air conditioning  true
  • true  Water Filter  true
  • true  Cable TV  true
  • true  Ceiling Fans  true
  • true  Pasta Floors  true

Outdoor amenities

  • true  Pool  true
  • true  Terrace  true
  • true  Fenced Yard  true


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Purpose:   Sale  

Type:   House  

County: Yuc.

City: Mérida

Zip code: 97000

Area:   100-250m2  

Size precise: 158.28 m2

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 2

Sale price: 5,500,000 MXN

Ownership:   Agent  


Bittor Zulueta González
Bittor Zulueta González
+52 999 499 0919

Property location

Colonial Mérida Real Estate
Calle 52 Col. Centro,
Mérida Yucatán, C.P. 97000
+52 999 499 0919