Tamarindo House

Under the shade of a tree in the heart of the historic center of Mérida, a space is born that is characterized by the excellent architectural and cultural combination of a Contemporary Mexico, exalting construction techniques, finishes and materials from the region; the interiors harmonize with distinguished decoration, authentic objects and luxurious accessories.

Located on Calle 47, in the heart of the city of Mérida, the house has a privileged location, having a few meters from the emblematic Paseo de Montejo, the historic center, a variety of restaurants with international cuisine and the park of Santa Ana with its traditional regional food market.


The house offers a beautiful hall that leads us to the first room and an interior patio with a natural pond and multicolored fish.

Later we arrived at the dining room, with a capacity for 8 people and the kitchen that offers all the latest generation appliances; stove, refrigerator, microwave oven and double coffee maker.

Casa Tamarindo has spaces, patios and terraces perfect for rest and relaxation such as the outdoor terrace with unbeatable views of the pool followed by the patio with hammocks where you can enjoy the sunset breeze and the shade of the imposing tamarind tree which gives the house its name.


This beautiful house offers the possibility of enjoying unforgettable moments in any of the 4 rooms it offers, all with private bathrooms, air conditioning, ceiling fans, lots of natural lighting and enviable views of our patios and terraces.

Located on the ground floor of the house, it has a King Size bed and a great view of the interior patio with a beautiful private pond.

A spacious room with 2 Queen Size beds, flat screen television and bathroom with all the amenities.

Located on the top floor of the house, it has a King size bed, hall-hall and view of the pool and patios.

Large Master Suite located at the back of the house, it has 2 floors. On the ground floor, a TV room with dining room and drink bar where you will find a minibar, wine cooler, tea and Nespresso coffee machine.

Upstairs it has a bedroom with a view of the majestic tamarind tree and patios, a king size bed and a bathroom with a SPA-type shower.


All the exterior finishes of the house in smooth flats are with chukum water, White Cement Mix and calcium carbonate that when mixed with Chukum Water form a paste ready to apply on any surface.

The carpentry on doors, decks and furniture is based on Tzalam wood, quite dense and hard, therefore, the manufacture of Tzalam furniture is not so simple and requires a lot of manual work. The fact is, Tzalam is one of the hardest and strongest tropical woods out there.

Smooth flattened interior based on paste called Mayan Cream which is a combination of acrylic materials and pastes with a marbled finish hinting at the quarry known as Mayan cream or Macedonian marble from the region.

And natural quarry pavements of the region worked by hand by workers from the Dzitya community here in Yucatan.

Decorated marble, quartz, and mosaic tiles from the region, this and more characterize this house with unique and inspiring architecture.


It has pressurized water based on a hydro-pneumatic tank, water softener and ultraviolet ray filter to purify the water. The Pool has its sand filter system and some beautiful gargoyles that, in addition to filtering the water, beautify the 27 m2 pool. Hot Water based on 2 electric water heating equipment. Illuminated pool, as well as the whole house with Led technology. Double Cistern with 2200 liters.


· Lot Width: 5 m

· Length of the lot: 62 m

· Land: 350 m2

· Construction: 305 m2

- SALE PRICE: 550,000 USD (Converter)

Indoor amenities

  • true  Electricity  true
  • true  City Water  true
  • true  Internet  true
  • true  Air conditioning  true
  • true  Water Filter  true
  • true  Cable TV  true
  • true  Ceiling Fans  true
  • true  Pasta Floors  true

Outdoor amenities

  • true  Pool  true
  • true  Garden  true
  • true  Terrace  true
  • true  Fenced Yard  true


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Purpose:   Sale  

Type:   House  

County: Mexico

City: Merida

Zip code: 97000

Area:   250-500m2  

Size precise: 350 m2

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 4

Sale price: 550,000 USD

Ownership:   Agent  

Floor: 2


Bittor Zulueta González
Bittor Zulueta González
+52 (1) 999 241 1985

Property location

Colonial Mérida Real Estate
Calle 52 Col. Centro,
Mérida Yucatán, C.P. 97000
+52 999 241 1985