Cozy and pleasant house to remodel for sale in the center very close to the García Ginerés neighborhood.
It is a property that has large spaces with a pleasant distribution to make a good project.
At the entrance it has a nice porch with a sour orange tree and a nice lemon tree and to the right side it has a parking area.

Entering the house there is a large hall / room set with pasta floors and a nice dividing arch to the dining room and kitchen, making it look very cozy.
On the right side there is a spacious room that connects to the dining area and a full bathroom.
In the background is the kitchen overlooking the patio where it has enough space to make a small pool with terrace / garden.
The house has just been well maintained on ceilings and walls.
If your need is to expand further, the little house on the left side is also for sale.
We give you more information.


   Lot width: 11.40 m
   Lot length: 20m

   Land: 205 m2
   Construction: 105 m2

- SALE PRICE: 1,200,000 MXN (Converter)

Indoor amenities

  • true  Electricity  true
  • true  City Water  true
  • true  Pasta Floors  true

Outdoor amenities

  • true  Parking  true
  • true  Fenced Yard  true


Image gallery

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Purpose:   Sale  

Type:   House  

County: MEXICO


Zip code: 97000

Area:   100-250m2  

Size precise: 205 m2

Bedrooms: 1

Bathrooms: 1

Sale price: 1,200,000 MXN

Ownership:   Agent  


Bittor Zulueta González
Bittor Zulueta González
+52 999 241 1985

Property location

Colonial Mérida Real Estate
Calle 52 Col. Centro,
Mérida Yucatán, C.P. 97000
+52 999 241 1985